Taiagro partners with various local based and foreign bodies including:

Our partnership with Chia Tai Seed Co., Ltd Thailand is a very strategic one. As “Quality Food Begins with Quality Seeds”, our company’s success in ensuring food security in Nigeria. Africa has been greatly enhanced by the world class seed breeding & cultivation technology from our partners Chia Tai Seeds Co. This, we have adopted to boost local food production and create jobs in the rural areas of Nigeria.

Bishop John Ezirim (BJE) Save A Soul Foundation
Our association with BJE is a very mutual one. While our company renders consultancy and managerial services to BJE, BJE provides TAI with a suitable platform to reach to the most rural communities of Nigeria.

Knowledge Educational Consultants (K.E.C.) Ltd
To us in TAI, K.E.C. Thailand is more or less a sister company. This is because K.E.C. Thailand, serves as our company’s conduit into the Royal Kingdom of Thailand. It is a privilege of having Dr. Ratanaporn Dhammakosol, the president of K.E.C. Thailand, as a director in our company.

SUNTECH SEED specializes in vegetable breeding; seeds production and marketing. We also import some of their products. They are well-known for their many new varieties of super sweet corn, watermelon, tomato, and sweet pepper available in the market from 2003 which receive lots of positive feedback from local and foreign farmers.

EDI Global Machinery (Thailand) CO.,LTD.
EDI Global Machinery (Thailand) CO.,LTD. is the trader company trade many kinds of agriculture machinery ex. engine, walking tractor, compact and large size water pump, tractor and Farm MPV. These product have EDI Diesel Engine CO.,LTD. For main supplier and other co-partners factory which produce related product supply.