Cucumber is a creeping vine that roots in the ground and grow up trestle or other supporting frames. The plant has large leaves that form a canopy over the fruit. Its fruit is roughly cylindrical elongated in shape. Its originated in Asia but is now grown in most continents (even in countries like Nigeria). Many different varieties are traded on the global market.
Cucumber is regarded as a healthy fruit because it is low in calories and fat. It contains many vitamins and minerals. It is a great medicine used to reduce weight and heat. It helps in keeping the body hydrated and flushing out toxins from the body. It reduces cholesterol level, aid ingestion, relieves joint pain etc. There are so many benefits in eating cucumber.

But what is exciting about farming this crop? The communities we’ve trained so far became attracted to cucumber farming because of the following reasons

  1. The general belief that cucumber cannot do well in Eastern Nigeria was proved wrong
  2. Short maturity period of 6 weeks.
  3. High quality seeds we provided which gave them high yield and quality of fruit that was better than what was available
  4. High of income was made from sales of products
  5. The promotion of organic farming which was healthier and easier for them

As a farmer, there are procedures which are taken in starting up a cucumber farm, including the management and when you follow these procedures carefully, it will help you avoid certain problems that are commonly associated with cucumber farming.


Land Preparation:
Researches show that sandy loam soil is suitable for growing cucumber because it absorbs heat faster than other soils. The root is shallow (only 25-30cm deep) from ground. The soil for cucumber planting should be properly and carefully prepared.

  1. Clear the farmland where you intend to farm. Remove all stumps and avoid sheds because cucumber needs sunshine.
  2. Apply manure: These should be done before or after the making beds for your cucumber.
  3. Bed Making: make bed where you will plant cucumber seed. The height of the bed should be 20cm – 30cm, width: 100cm; spacing between beds 0.5 – 1m.
  4. Cover the beds with mulching film if you wish. Mulching film is a plastic polythene used for mulching to suppress weeds and conserve water in the soil.
  5. Make holes/ opening on the mulching film where you will sow your seed, crop grow through the holes created, ensure that the distance between the hole to the other is about 40 – 50cm. This is your sowing point.
  6. Put irrigation system. eg. Drip irrigation. Irrigation is inevitable is if planting during dry season. Cucumber plants requires water on daily basis. This will help its fruit to add in sizes and tastes. The most common reason why cucumber tastes bitter is due to poor irrigation system during dry season.

Sow seeds on the holes created on the mulching film, one seed per hole. Cucumber seeds germinate quickly. It usually takes 3 – 4days to sprout.
Methods of Sowing: Direct sowing & Sow in Nursery trays or bags.
Direct sowing is a faster method for larger farms. Much labour isn’t needed. It prevents crops from being injured and helps them to develop quickly. Although, (at times) it wastes seeds and is difficult to control the depth of seedling.
Nursing takes a longer time. It requires a lot of labour during transplanting and crops are easily injured. Transplanting should be done after 6 – 10days in the evening by 6pm.

Re-application of Manure:
Spray organic fertilizer after 5 – 6 days of transplanting or 12 – 15days of direct sowing. Repeat the spraying on weekly basis or you can apply chicken droppings every two (2) weeks after sowing. Chicken droppings should be mixed with water and apply at the root of the plant.

Prepare the bamboo stake immediate after sowing. Fix bamboo sticks to raise the ground. Staking is done as soon as the plant grows out enough. Staking prevent the plant from contacting diseases on the ground. It also makes pruning and harvest very easy. When the plant crawl on the ground, one finds it very difficult to prune. During harvest, you could march on the fruits.

is very important. It encourages quick growth and high yield. To prune, remove the 1st to 4th side shoot branches from the nodes. From the 5th branch, after the 1st – 2nd leaf, cut off the other part of each of the branches. It is advisable not to prune if you are not sure of how to go about it.

Harvest when the fruits have reached market size. Harvest when crispy and fleshy. Do not allow them to turn yellow. Fruiting is expected six (6) weeks after sowing. You can harvest every day for small fruits and every 2 days or 3days a week for bigger fruits. Harvest goes on for 3 – 4 weeks.

Black polyethylene mulch (mulching film) cover the bed before planting. and herbicide are used to control between the bed.
However, cucumber are very susceptible to injury from many herbicides.

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  1. Emmanuel Oladipupo

    Good morning, I just got 240g of your 102 cucumber seed and planting on a 4 plot. I would like to know if my calculation of 240g for d 4 plot is correct and most importantly what should be the average yield of the 240g so that I can evaluate the performance of my farm.

    Thanks in anticipation of your timely response

    • Taiagro Industries

      Good Afternoon Sir!
      The delay in response was as a result of an impromptu crisis in our website.
      You question was duly noted.
      From research, 100gm of the cucumber variety can be sufficient for 2 plots of land.
      So, 240gm of the CU 102 variety you purchased is sufficient.
      One stand of cucumber could yield at least 8 fruits if well nurtured.

  2. Olajumoke Elizabeth

    Good afternoon,and thanks for your updates on cucumber plantation,l just want to know if you have cucumber seed for sale and type of species you have.
    Elizabeth Olajumoke.

    • Taiagro Industries

      The cucumber varieties currently available are
      CU 986, CU 971 and CU 999.

  3. Olajumoke Elizabeth

    Good afternoon,just to know if you have cucumber seed for sale.

    • Taiagro Industries

      Good Afternoon Ma,
      Yes we have cucumber seeds available in the office.
      Thanks for contacting us.
      Have a great day ahead!

  4. oladoye Abiodun

    When not using irrigation system. When is the best period to plant cumcumber in South western Nigeria (Ogun State).

    • Taiagro Industries

      Good morning.
      Your question is quite technical.
      Cucumber needs as much water as possible(very much). But on the other hand, Rainy season comes with much problems of diseases and pest.
      So, if you can afford sufficient water during dry season,good. Rainy season is also good.

    • Taiagro Industries

      Good morning.
      When not using irrigation system, rainy season is the best.
      But you must realize it comes with its problems. Diseases thrive during this season.

  5. chibuzor

    What is the best height for cucumber stake in inches?

    • Taiagro Industries

      There is no best height. Just make sure it is solid enough to carry the weight of the cucumber fruit when it matures. 60 inches

  6. chibuzor

    Good morning. Please I want to know if it is late to plant cucumber here in Imo State. As in this month of May?

    • Taiagro Industries

      Good morning.
      It is not late to plant cucumber in Imo State.

  7. Emmy

    Pls, is it advisable to plant cucumber now ,again can I plant without irrigation by June

    • Taiagro Industries

      Yes. It is okay to plant cucumber now.
      Provided rainfall becomes steady, using drip tape irrigation might not be needful.
      Thank you.
      Do have a great day!

  8. Ndbc

    Please i need cucumber hybrid seed, can i get your office address ?

    • Taiagro Industries

      Good day
      Our office address is 7 Mann Street, Off Wetheral Rd, Owerri, Imo State.

  9. Ndbc


  10. oladoye abiodun

    When is your next training on cucumber farming?

    • Taiagro Industries

      Good day Sir/Ma
      The date for the training is tentative for now.
      But we are currently making plans to put up a training.
      Send your phone number and email to 08031899245 if interested.

  11. chibuzor

    Good morning, please I want to know between this organic fertilizer and chicken dropping which is better in re-application of manure. Or better still can the two be used at the same time. Thank you

  12. chibuzor

    Do you people still have cu 999 in stock.?

    • Taiagro Industries

      Good day Sir/Ma
      We’re deeply sorry for just responding to your message.
      I hope you were able to find alternative ways to reaching us.

      • Where to buy Cu999 in Uyo Akwa Ibom State

        Where to buy cu999 in Uyo Akwa IBOM State

        • Taiagro Industries

          We do not have an office in Uyo.
          But not to worry, goods can be sent to you as waybills.

  13. Edun Nike Azizat

    Do u train in south west Ibadan. Need the training wants to grow the cu999 variety

    • Taiagro Industries

      Good day.
      Sorry for the late reply.
      We do organize trainings for farmers in South-west; but for the mean time
      the rendezvous point is at Owerri.
      You can could the office for further details in this regard.
      Thank you.

  14. Chuks

    Good day,

    Please where can I buy CU999 and Nandini in Lagos and Port Harcourt.


    • Taiagro Industries

      It can be waybilled to you at your choice state

  15. Asiwaju Alalade Ololade

    Hello and i love the work. Is there a way can i ask some questions? . I’d prefer not to make it public

    Thank you

    • Taiagro Industries

      You can interact with us through our whatsapp number 08031899245 or our email address

  16. David

    Ijust to know if you have cucumber seed for sale.

    • Taiagro Industries

      Good Morning David, yes we do have cucumber seeds for sale and a lot of other seeds especially exotic fruit seeds. you can contact us for all your inquiries on our mobile number; 2348031899245, 2348077824142. Thank You

  17. David

    OK thanks

  18. Toyosi

    Good afternoon, a PhD student who is trying to work on cucumber as my project, pls what’s is the best planting distance for the plant and how many stands is advisable per plot for effective yield.

    • Taiagro Industries

      Good Morning Toyosi, we are glad to hear from you. the best planting distance between each bed (ridges) is 1m and the best distance between each plant on the bed for cucumber is 50 by 50cm apart. as for the stands, it depends on how long your bed is, for a plot of land with a passage path in the middle, you can have 20 beds; 10 beds on each side of the land, but if there is no passage path, you can have 10 long beds. the number of planting stands on each bed depends on how long the bed is keeping in mind the 50 by 50cm planting distance measurement. We hope this was helpful? if you still need more explanations you can call using the company’s contact line provided.

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