KUCH99 farm is really awesome and wonderful. It shows that agriculture practice here can compete with the practice all over the world – Dr. Ken. (CST Department, FUTO)

Bridging the gap between classroom agriculture and practice is key to ensuring sustainable food production. It is well known that an integral tool for bridging such gap in the food sector especially in Africa is research and development.
As class room theories are explored, thoroughly researched and demonstrated, commercial farmers are encouraged to pick it up from there and ensure food is available, affordable and accessible to households and families. Research and development is therefore critical for the vision of food security in Africa, and particularly in Nigeria.

We were glad to welcome Crop Science Society of Nigeria (CSSN) led by the department of Crop Science, Federal University of Technology (FUTO), to our Research/Exhibition farm during the event of their 6th National Annual Conference held on 16th October, 2019.
By God’s grace and wisdom, the demo farm was ready. The team lead by the management team of Kuch99 institute had put about 2 months of intense planning and labour in setting up the farm. Crops displayed included Cabbage, cucumber, pumpkin, watermelon, hot pepper, green pepper, chilli pepper, tomato, cauliflower, lettuce, carrot, sweet corn, egg plant, sweet melon, bitter gourd etc. These were setup using good agricultural practices, and deliberate efforts were made to show several planting methods.

Thus, it was a productive time of interaction and positive engagements with the association of crop scientists as the KUCH99 team also shared testimonies and experiences of God’s mercies in our vegetable production across South Eastern Nigeria.

We believe participants were thrilled, challenged and motivated to explore more opportunities in the food sector. The positive result is one of the principal objectives of research and development farms.

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