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To encourage farming as a business, we are determined to scout for high quality seeds for local farmers. Among other vegetable seeds, we have:

  • Quality Cucumber seeds including the popular CU 999. Other varieties include CU 986, CU 971, CU 100
  • Quality Watermelon seeds including the popular ‘Sugar Baby’. We also have the ‘Red Angel’ (Bigger in size although not as sweet as ‘Sugar Baby’)
  • Quality Green Bean seeds including the Stickless (does not need staking) and Mandir species
  • Quality Hot, Green and Sweet Pepper seeds in different varieties
  • Others include Sweet corn, Broccoli, Cabbage, Lettuce, Tomato, Bitter Gourd seeds

Call the office for more details on the varieties or to place an order.

DSC_1308 Products
DSC_1308 Products


Thai Agro and Allied Industries Limited has a machinery department that provides large and medium scale farmers with simple and affordable to help build more productive and less labour intensive farming. From electric sprayers to simple weeding machines.

As advocates of organic farming, we also provide effective organic fertilizers to our farmers.



We also research on solutions to farmers’ problems. We provide one of the best drip irrigation tapes for our farmers. It is a 1km length tape with its connectors. It is unique because it has a guaranteed minimum of 4 years life span (if well managed).



Our research and training team are constantly working on getting effective and teach-yourself training booklets, DVDs and other resources that could help you in setting up a successful farm.