“I commend the KUCH99 team for this wonderful experience. I am excited about the farmer I’m becoming.” -Kelechi

Mr. Kelechi was one of the six participants involved in the very first training program organized by KUCH99 Training Institute. With a week of intensive coaching, practical fieldwork, assignments, projects, and presentations, the six participants of the training were equipped with gainful knowledge and skills to enable them set up farms of various vegetables – cucumber, bitter gourd, tomato, cabbage and lettuce.

“The KUCH99 training was beyond classroom theories. I had eye opening practical sessions”, was a remark made by one of the participants, Mr.Chukwudi. He, like many other participants was astonished to see vegetables like tomato and cabbage being grown in South Eastern Nigeria as that region has struggled with the myth that vegetables as such don’t often survive there.
The success of the first edition of the training propels us to continually seek opportunities to provide quality training for both intending and practicing farmers.

All glory to the First Farmer!

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