No matter how big you are, having a small garden or farm at home may keep you healthier apart from saving money for you.

A quick story… After just 6 weeks, Mrs Sarah can’t believe what she sees at the back of her house. She just planted few seeds of cucumber for her family consumption at her backyard. And guess what? It was like it won’t stop coming! Her family ate, they gave out to friends and still sold some. She just came to buy more seeds. And guess her number one motivator now…. her husband!

When you farm what you eat, you have a choice!
A choice to avoid use of chemicals on your vegetables and unhealthy growth boosters on your animals. You also have a choice of eating them fresh from your farm on the same day.

So, what can I farm at home?
You can farm all kinds of vegetables – cabbage, cucumber, carrot, green beans, pepper (sweet and hot), etc.
You can add a few fruits (It depends on available space) – papaya (paw-paw), at least 1 coconut, 1 guava etc.

You can also farm fish!
Yes you can! It’s very simple!
With just about 50 of them in a plastic tank or big basin.

You can raise birds too. A small poultry of about 10-20 broilers will do. If you do this, your shopping list will drop..

“But I have no open soil in my compound”
Well? You still can have a garden. You can use your flower beds, flower pots or planting sack (big polythene bags).

Polythene bags? Yeah! Your vegetables can grow in bags.
How? Mix farm soil with compost manure and fill the bags or pots with it. Ensure the bags are not water logged. You can control the water in bags by boring small holes beneath the bags. Plant your seeds and manage the plants to maturity.

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